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I’m in a Hell Frame of Mind….

So, I’ve started working on my book The Hell of It (working title) as a straight prose novel, having basically abandoned the notion of it being a graphic novel. With Pariah due to hit the shelves (and internet outlets) on August 3rd, 2010 (so order yours now, in either spiffy trade paperback or spiffier hardcover!), I’m just feeling more and more that prose is the way to go. I enjoy writing novels enormously and I think I’m good at it. That said, I am doing some more prep art for The Hell of It, just to get me in that headspace; to help picture it. Here’s a couple of quick sketches I just did. I’ll post more later.

hellscape001-tonedI like this one well enough, but it was more of a warm-up.

hellscape002-tonedThis one I quite like. Done very quickly (whole thing maybe 90 minutes).