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Tremble before the double-barreled majesty of these fine zombie offerings! Moses’s puny tablets have nothing on the dark delights to be found in not one, but two mighty books, now available for your delectation! Okay, that’s a lotta hyperbole, but I am damned proud of both of these books. Pariah, as you (hopefully) know, is my new novel out now from Tor Books. It’s beginning to garner some sweet reviews (which I’ll be sharing here, soon). The Living Dead 2, edited by ace anthologist John Joseph Adams is a 500-page juggernaut of undead tales, including mine, “The Summer Place.” I am very happy to be included, along with such luminaries as Robert Kirkman, David Wellington, Brian Keene, Walter Greatshell, Jonathan Maberry, Max Brooks, and more (even some who I don’t know personally and haven’t given me blurbs!). These books are must-haves for aficionados of horror and just plain good entertainment, if I do boast so myself. Buy them!