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Bleeding Cool Wuvs Me

Here’s a link to an interview with me, conducted by Hannah Means Shannon, that ran not that long ago on Bleeding Cool.

They also chose Maximum Minimum Wage as one of their top graphic novels of 2013:

Minimum Wage influenced a generation of indie comics creators to shake out their dirty laundry and include a street-level view of life in their work rather than sit around pondering what readers might find most appealing. What Bob Fingerman discovered, and many since, is that readers were all ears as comics became a place for visceral, recognizable experiences. Fingerman left the conclusion of theMinimum Wage series open-ended, considering a return, but before he hit that creative spot, interest by Image brought together a fully remastered collection in deluxe format as Maximum Minimum Wage. Its glorious large format shows off the artwork to even greater effect than the original series, and brings together the complete covers, a guest gallery, and commentary. It’s a one-stop celebration of an era, and a must for the return of the new and ongoing Minimum Wage from Fingerman launching from Image January 8th, 2014.”