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Phil Merman is a regular guy.

A regular guy who just happens to be immortal, for whatever that’s worth. So far all it’s gotten him is a divorce, a lack of friends and family, and a string of soul-killing jobs with no room for advancement. Bound to a self-imposed ethical code bordering on vigilantism, Phil prowls the bowels of New York City in search of suitable sustenance—the homeless, the insane, no one who’ll be missed—all the while wondering how he became what he is. Are there others of his kind? Would he want to know them? Clues to the mystery of his existence begin to reveal themselves, luring him into spaces perhaps best left unknown.


Mr. Fingerman is a deeply talented, creative, and disturbed man.” — Max Brooks, World War Z

Laugh-packed, horrific, boldly reprehensible, socially astute and slave to no known trend, Fingerman, already a graphic novel legend, has sunk his fangs into the world of straight-up print, and come up with a book that pretty much bleeds genius.” — Jerry Stahl, Pain Killers; Permanent Midnight

Fingerman writes in a punchy, up-to-the-minute urban vernacular that, while it brims with abusive humor, squelches romanticism, provokes other-than-sexual interpretations of vampirism, and helps propel Bottomfeeder to the front ranks of its genre.” — Ray Olson, Booklist

Bottomfeeder is just the kick in the guts that pasty-faced, velvet-draped vampire genre’s had coming to it for two decades. His punchy, postmodern prose reads like Richard Matheson by way of Chuck Palahniuk, a first-person, stream-of-consciousness staccato liberally punctuated with pop culture pisstakes and enriched by amusingly grim, and refreshingly self-deprecating, sense of humour… For a subgenre that has long suffered from anemic ideas and ever-paler imitations, Bottomfeeder‘s the perfect antidote.” — Joseph O’Brien, Rue Morgue

Bottomfeeder pulls the rug out from under the ‘Oh, to never see the sun’ bull that modern vampire lit has become and provides us a vision of what a blood-drinkers life might really entail. If, like me, you’ve been looking for the balls that have been torn from the modern vampire, you need to pick this book up.”— Thomas Deja, Fangoria

Bottomfeeder is a tasty morsel and a welcome antidote to the velvet-draped world of predictable vampire fiction.” — Jessica Bennett, Rain Taxi

Publication Date: December 13, 2006
Format: SC, 272pages, 5″ x 8″
ISBN-10: 1-59582-097-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-59582-097-6

bob bw smallBob Fingerman is the creator of the dark and humorous prose and comics works: Beg The Question, You Deserved It, Connective Tissue, Recess Pieces and Bottomfeeder.