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During its run in the mid-’90s, Minimum Wage racked up critical accolades and a devoted following, numbering among its fans Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Scott Aukerman, Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, and more. Why? Because each page boasted sticky, uncomfortable truths drenched in bleakly familiar humor. It was “cringe comedy” before the phrase had been coined, presaging squirmy shows like Louie and Girls.Set in a New York so real you can practically smell it (so claimed Mike Mignola), Minimum Wage is the workaday saga of cartoonist Rob Hoffman and his tempestuous girlfriend, Sylvia. He churns out strips for smut rags and low-rent MAD knockoffs and she languishes managing a hair salon. With their colorful crew of friends, they forge ahead against the brutal indifference of their hometown. This definitive edition includes the original 72-page “pilot” episode (Minimum Wage Book One) and the revised “director’s cut” of the main storyline.Maximum Minimum Wage makes hash of all previous versions and is THE edition to have! A massive 384 pages boasting tons of bonus material, including a color section featuring all the original covers and pinups by Peter Bagge, Dave Cooper, Joe Dator, Guy Davis, Hunt Emerson, Glenn Fabry, Dean Haspiel, Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Infurnari, Dave Johnson, John Kerschbaum, Peter Kuper, Roger Langridge, Pat McEown, Ted McKeever, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan, Dan Steffan, Jill Thompson, Jeff Wong and Bill Wray!

Perhaps most tantalizing of all of the bonus material is the script for the never-drawn 11th issue, augmented by all-new illustrations. Plus, many pages have been revised and some even completely redrawn, making this an edition apart from the others!


“”Maximum Minimum Wage” is a hefty tome from the cartoonist Bob Fingerman, who confesses in his introduction that this just might be the final version of this semi-autobiographical work. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with Mr. Fingerman’s work. “Maximum Minimum Wage” is one of the ups. The characters are still flawed and I still wonder about some of their choices, but now, 10 years later, the story feels more grounded: I could see them as real people who make mistakes, sometimes big ones. The last page of the story, more than half way through before a ton of extras, left me feeling sympathetic for the main character who was riddled with doubt on one of the big days of his life.” ⎯ The New York Times

“The romance of Rob and Sylvia unfolds in Fingerman’s semiautobiographical work, capturing a very specific segment of New York City’s population¾a cadre of crass and cranky geeks who struggle with arrested development and obsess about comics and pornography, which most of them also spend time creating. Your first inclination might be to run away from these misfits, but Fingerman’s portrayals are too sharp to miss, particularly in the case of Sylvia. She’s a one-woman tower of maturity and kindness who grounds those around her and their shenanigans, fulfilling her role as Rob’s better half and also rounding out Fingerman’s story. She balances the author’s portrait of politically incorrect city-dwellers and the gallows humor that they sometimes rely too heavily on. Fingerman’s depictions of oddballs and crazies across New York’s social strata is entirely on target, hilarious, and cringe-worthy.” ⎯ Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“The cult ‘90s comic strip Minimum Wage, about a cartoonist and his pals, cuts as deep and as dark as Louie and Girls. Thankfully, it’s getting a new deluxe collection with a foreword from superfan and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.” ⎯ Entertainment Weekly‘s Must List

Speaking of which:

Minimum Wage is an important comic. If I were tasked with introducing someone to comics in an attempt to make them love and cherish the medium as much as I do, I’d give them Watchmen, Bone, Savage Dragon and Minimum Wage. To me, those are the cornerstones of the foundation of what I read early on that firmly established my love of the comic book medium. In my opinion, those four books show you the wide range of what comics can offer.” ⎯ Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), from his foreword

“Bob’s work is the kind of hilarious storytelling that you immediately know comes from a real place–his pain is YOUR gain. I’m glad that he put pen to paper to work out his issues rather than punching people in the face on the subway. And the “jacketta-stroketta-slapetta-tuggeda-wacketta” word string is one of my new favorite things. Look for it!” ⎯ Chris Hardwick, The Nerdist; AMC’s Talking Dead

“The sweetly profane tale of a neurotic, sarcastic, artist trying to figure out the rest of his life. Not sure exactly how Bob Fingerman videotaped and wrote this book about me, but I’m here to tell him he got all the names wrong.”— Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang Bang

“Fingerman fights the good fight against himself and imposes that on that world and I respect that.” ⎯ Marc Maron, WTF

“Intensely funny and addictive, Fingerman captures true love and Brooklyn with incredible honesty and tenderness. I always scream with joy when I see the new Minimum Wage at the bookstore, and now here’s the collected edition that we can all scream for.” — Margaret Cho

“Fingerman’s comics are all about the sloppiness and failure and noise and triumphs and quiet and joy and sadness that arrive completely off-schedule in a day, or in a life. Plus, he draws cute chicks.” — Patton Oswalt

Hardcover: 384 pages / 9″ x 12″
Publisher: Image Comics (April 2, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1607066742
ISBN-13: 978-1607066743

bob bw smallBob Fingerman is the creator of the dark and humorous prose and comics works: Beg The Question, You Deserved It, Connective Tissue, Recess Pieces and Bottomfeeder.