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I did this drawing to redress my huge oversight in not including this fucking whining crybaby dipshit in From the Ashes. This drawing wraps up the bonus section to sort of ameliorate my fuck up.



Here’s a drawing I did of my friend, comedian Marc Maron, to accompany the foreword he’s doing for the From the Ashes book. Check out his great podcast, WTF.


Papa Bear

Here’s a quick sketch (about five minutes) I did today of one of my personal Top Ten Most Loathesome People in America: Bill O’Reilly. He came out oddly sweet-faced, which is troubling, considering what a toxic personage he is. More on why I drew him when the opportune moment presents itself.

Michele, My Belle…

Sorry about the gap between posts. I’ve been bedeviled by my computers since early December. Here’s a drawing of my wife, Michele, when she was very sleepy.


Drawing of my friend, Ducky.


Here’s a more straightforward portrait of Michele.


Here’s a drawing I did recently of my acquaintance, the writer David Rakoff. His books are great (as are his articles, should you happen across his byline in some tony periodical).